Product Photography in Rochester, NY

Product Photographs for Menus, Catalogs, Websites, and the Major Online Sales Outlets

Professionally shot product photographs tell your future customers that you care about quality, and that somebody's "minding the store".

  • Food and Menu Photography
  • Pure White RGB 255, 255, 255 Backgrounds
  • All Photos Taken with DSLR Cameras
  • Courtesy & Clear Communications
  • Internet Marketing Photograph Specialists

Tell us which online marketplace you're using (Amazon, Ebay, etc.), and we'll provide your product images to their specifications exactly.  Beyond that, you'll receive finished JPEG images that are sharp, well exposed, noise-free, and in the largest sizes we have to use any way you'd like for no extra charge!

Pricing & Guarantee

Shoots at your location include a fixed shooting fee (waived for volume), plus finished photos on a sliding scale that depends on number of setups, background requirements, distance traveled, equipment needs, etc.  The shooting fee is waived for large shoots and for small products photographed at my home.

You pay ONLY for the images that you approve.  Your photos will be sharp, noise-free and exposed correctly or we'll either remedy or reshoot (when possible) at no extra charge.  Options include transparent "PNG" files, composites, stock photos, plexiglass backlighting and other artistic effects.

product photographer

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Copyright vs Licensing

Often photographers retain copyright to every image they shoot, licensing selected photos back to the client for specific purposes with new charges each time.  We don't.  We release all claim to the finished images that you buy, and will provide them in the largest JPEGs that we have to use in any way you choose.

Stephen Drew

In 2010, Stephen Drew founded RPEG - The Rochester Photo Editing Group, where he regularly teaches photography and Photoshop techniques at monthly meetings.  He does all of his own shooting and editing, and none of your project will be subcontracted out.

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